The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has been advised to do something drastic about the religious killings in the country, Southern Kaduna in particular.

According to Sam Omatseye, Chairman of the Editorial Board, The Nation newspaper, CAN needs to balance the terror by arming Christians.

"102 killed and 500000 houses razed in southern Kaduna. Isn't it time for CAN to use its tithes to buy arms for Christians for self defense?

Sorry it is 50,000 houses not 500k. I punched an excess 0," he wrote on Twitter.

"Same happened when govt didn't defend Itsekiris against Ijaws, they armed themselves and ended the war. It's called balance of terror," he added.

Most people did not take this advice well and proceeded to vent.

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However, there were a few supporters, who appreciated Omatseye's idea.

He later responded by writing, "those attacking me don't know English. I only called for self-defence. If no one attacks them then there will be peace. FG should do its job."

What do you think? Should CAN take his advice?