For years, pastors have been the Alpha and Omega in Nigeria.

Their word has been law, stuff people obeyed without daring to question them. We can blame this on the ‘touch, not my anointed' clause.

The truth is that this kind of power would go to anyone’s head, and it did. Pastors did things and got away with. This was until Daddy Freeze came on the scene, cue a superhero theme song.

OAP starts #free the sheeple campaign

The popular On-Air Personality‘s religious crusade may have started in 2016, but it has gained more prominence this year.

So far, Daddy Freeze has been relentless when it comes to his #free the sheeple movement’, aimed at exposing Christians to the schemes of their pastors.

Under this cause, he has reacted to the issue of tithing, church weddings and even the case of premarital sex.

In February 2017, the OAP took to his IG page to share his thoughts on The Redeemed Christian church of God‘s plan to charge N50,000 for marriage booster program.

He wrote, “N50,000 per couple for marriage course?RCCG una well done o! Obviously, this wasn’t intended for the poor members of the congregation. The Nigerian god prefers the rich and makes provision only for them.

"If Jesus had collected N50,000 each from the 5,000 people he fed that would have been N250 million #FreeTheSheeple"

That same month, the OAP took things a step further by comparing RCCG’s Pastor Enoch Adeboye to the Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II.

He wrote, “Two prophets and their prophecies. One accurately predicted the financial state of an entire nation, within a specific time frame, even offering a suggestion that could prevent the prophecy from coming to pass.

The other could not accurately predict what would happen, WITHIN HIS OWN CHURCH in a similar period.

“The one that predicted correctly was frustrated while in office, while the one that is constantly missing his irrelevant and vague predictions by a wide margin, is getting more followers by the day.

“How come? We often wonder… Well, up until 5 minutes ago, Nigerians were still applying for the internship job on the 29th, 30th and 31st of February 2017, that I advertised earlier.

“The #FreeTheSheeple movement is here to free you from the bondage of religions and mental slavery, unto a path of enlightenment and love.”

Lately, he has been caught in a back and forth with Pastor Paul Adefarasin of House on the Rock on the issue of tithing.

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Daddy Freeze may have been likened to Martin Luther, a known reformer who criticised the Catholic church in 1517, but this does not mean he has not received some backlash for his campaign.

He has been criticised by everyone from musicians, actors to the pastors themselves. His failed marriage to his first wife and the fact that he is not an ordained Man of God are the usual targets.

Daddy Freeze responds to these in an exclusive interview with Pulse Religion.

He says, “Titus 3: 5 talks about how no man can lay claim to righteous. So, no human being can judge me according to their mere understanding of righteousness, only God can.

“Now, what we consider today as the Body of Christ is not what Christ intended for us to be in the first place. If I see the Body of Christ I will not attack it. I have not seen the Body of Christ.”

We do not have to like him to appreciate the presence of a much-needed person that calls our pastors to order and keep them in check.

His presence also causes people to wake up, stop following their pastors blindly and start asking questions.

I call this a win-win.