Rev. King and the rise of 'insanity' in the House of God

How can we explain that a pastor who kicks his congregants in the stomach or the one who headbutts his followers to heal them is a genuine Man of God?

Rev. King

Since his imprisonment in 2006, Rev King has been a religious figure whose saga remains a negative reference point about unreasonable things men do  in the name of God and Holy spirits.

In 2006, Rev King fell from an exalted position as a shepherd of hundreds of worshipers to become a prison inmate when he played God by torturing his church members who were alleged to have committed fornication.

King in July of 2016 was reported to have poured petrol on six members of his Church and then set them ablaze to cleanse them of their sins through the power of fire.

Eleven days after, one of the victims, Anne Uzor died as a result of severe burns he sustained from Rev. King's insane punishment while others were rescued.

As bizarre as his action was, Rev. King never believes he committed any wrong since he is  a minister of God and what he did to those paradise-seeking victims was a just punishment for fornication as commanded by the Holy Spirit.

Apart from this dastardly act, which earned him a space in prison, there were also stories of him molesting his church members.

During one of his appearances in court, the priest acknowledged the allegations of him molesting his members.

He said, "I am a preacher. I know that the spirit of witchcraft is against the Almighty God. If somebody is a liar, he is bewitching God. I don't condone lie. Dr. King does not condone sin. I flog a lot. I have canes. If husband and wife mess up by having misunderstanding, I have to settle them. But the person that is at fault, I must flog. If the person refuses to be flogged, I will send him out of the church."

This was the brand of Christianity Rev. King preached. He might not be the first to start such madness in Nigeria as there was senseless Maitatsine killings in Kaduna in the 80s and the latest blood thirsty group that kills in the name of Allah is the  Boko Haram sect.

Apparently, Nigeria might not have murderous preachers like Rev. King again but a lot of what is seen in the house of God today is quite bewildering. It takes stupidity to believe everything we see in the church today is a component of the Christian faith.

You might want to crucify me over this but let me explain myself before you take me to the cross.

Ironically, a lot of Churches today in a bid to save and win more souls for Christ  place more priority on healing, prosperity and miracles rather than preaching and teaching the people the crux of the religion to pursue salvation.

In many of such churches, deceptions have taken over the alter and the misguidance to which some Muslim clerics expose their followers is driven by the people's ignorance of their religion. This is because these clerics  understand the facts that their followers are suffering from economic and spiritual poverty.

The bulk of pastor worshippers and Alfa followers are so poor that the only thing they like to hear from their religious leaders is the promise that God is capable of blessing them with the wealth of Solomon if they are steadfast in faith. And overtime, this kind of preaching has left zillions of congregants to wallow in ignorance of their faith.

Do not be surprised if  a regular church-goer is not able to explain any chapter in the Bible other than John 3:16 and do not be shocked when you see a woman who has been attending Asalatu programs on Sundays for ten years and she is not be able to read the first Chapter of the Qur'an perfectly let alone understanding it.

It is this gross ignorance of what Christianity entails that made people to follow clerics like Rev King. and if what happened had not happened, King would have remained the shepherd of those folks till today. Even though his neck is waiting for the noose, his church and followers still stand with him.

Although, one cannot absolutely say some of the funny clerics, who appear fake are not Men of God for only God knows his people. But going by the word of the Bible that says by their fruits we shall know them, it is easy to identify fake miracles, false prophesies and unchristian ministering from the pulpit.

How can we explain that a pastor who kicks his congregants in the stomach or the one who headbutts his followers to heal them is a genuine man of God? Or how would an Alfa who asks people to bring fetish items for 'jazz' guide paradise seekers to Aljanah? Jesus and Muhammad never did things like this to heal or save lives. Why do miracle and prophecies come with so much drama these days?

Even those religious leaders that are adjudged to be upright  are not helping matters. They ascribe everything that happens to their followers to demons such that many unfortunate and disastrous events are believed to be handiwork of evil spirits.

This has got to the extent that social crisis like students violent actions are often taken to be caused by evil spirits. For instance, in 2009, a prominent and highly respected Man of God was said to have been invited to Obafemi Awolowo University  when cultists  killed five Students. He was invited to the Campus  to pray, preach to the students and  but ever since, the school has not got spiritual immunity from cultism.

With beliefs like this, one can safely conclude that if students violent actions are influenced by demons, then the war in Syria is engineered by evil spirits.

It is very ironic that the church and body of Christ is repeatedly being ridiculed by the same people that claim to be propagating it and until the followers strive on their own to seek religious knowledge, and understand the words of God, we would not stop to see Pastors that'll ask us to masturbate in the House of God to glorify God or an Alfa who'll ask followers' wives to come for seven days seclusion in his house for her husband to be successful.

Truth be told, the church is the number one enemy of itself today, as the church is more characterized by false prophecies, fake miracles and Men of God theatrics. The bane of Islam on the other hand is the proliferation of ignorance among its adherents.

These inanities may never stop till Jesus comes as some religious leaders revel in selling falsehood to buy souls to remain relevant. If everyone strives to learn and follow the dictates of his or her faith, no Rev. King would throw his followers to hell alive.


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