Once upon a time, Jesus Christ came to earth and sacrificed His life for sins of the world.

His death gave way to the birth of Christianity, a people dedicated to following the ways of Christ.

Over 2,000 years later, this religion has gotten even better or worse, depending on how you look at it.

Better in the sense that some good has been done in it's name and undeniably worse because it is being used as a great manipulation tool.

Nowadays, there are preachers (let's call them untouchable demi-gods), and their flock of blind followers willing to do every and anything they are told without even blinking.

The latest display of this blind devotion is from Uganda, where church members of self-proclaimed Prophet Elvis Mbonye can be seen kissing his feet.

Prophet Mbonye, also known as “Mr Future” for his many prophecies, recently threw a dinner that was attended by many congregants.

Tickets for the event were worth 1 million Ugandan Shillings for platinum, 750k for gold, 500k for silver, and 300k for “general happiness.”

News Vision reports that the feet kissing and other forms of ‘honoring’ were done at the event for about four hours!

While many criticised this act, a pastor has come out to defend the church members’ decision.

Pastor Frank Kabushenga says “honouring is yet another central principle that is godly, taking root right in the family.”

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In the video below, he cites reasons why the prophet deserves the amount of honour he receives.

No one knows if Prophet Mbonye asked for this, but the pictures prove that he is certainly not asking them to stop.

There is another case of a pastor asking his congregants to bring kobokos to church.

According to a video that has been circulating the Internet, these kobokos were for flogging the devil.

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Of course, everyone showed and proceeded to beat the hell out of the church floors.

These are just two cases where people did questionable things in the name of religion. Others include a pastor kicking a pregnant woman's stomach during a deliverance session.

People have also lost their lives because of the insanity of Christianity (how can we forget Reverend King, who set his willing church members on fire).

Despite the fact that a church member died eleven days after the incident, the preacher says he did not do anything wrong.

He defended his actions during one of his appearances in court saying, "I am a preacher. I know that the spirit of witchcraft is against the Almighty God. If somebody is a liar, he is bewitching God. I don't condone lie.

"Dr. King does not condone sin. I flog a lot. I have canes. If husband and wife mess up by having misunderstanding, I have to settle them. But the person that is at fault, I must flog. If the person refuses to be flogged, I will send him out of the church."

Let's not forget South African pastors who have done everything unimaginable to the congregants from getting them to drink Dettol to making them masturbate in church.

Clearly, religion is the new brainwashing tool. Unfortunately, it does not look like it is going to release its hold on its followers any time soon.