I got to see Pastor Paul Adefarasin in action for the first time ever on Wednesday, November 1, 2017.

This was during same midweek service at the House on the Rock in Lekki, Lagos state, where he addressed recent ‘tithe’ controversy involving Daddy Freeze.

Watching him delivered a sermon titled ‘Abraham’s Blessings Are Already Upon My Life” made a huge impression on me.

This was due to his ability to use several Bible verses for one issue, another five or so for another subject.

My respect was heightened when he started talking about different translations, and when he referred to one of the original languages of the Bible, Hebrew.

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Now, one would expect that all preachers should really know the scriptures. But the truth is that the reality is different.

Now, anyone can just wake up and start a church by claiming to have received God’s calling. The result is a lot of preachers who barely know what they are talking. In these cases, those church members have to suffer for their pastor's ignorance.

Having grown up a Catholic, I know what it takes to be a priest, the amount of time (years) they spend studying in order to know their stuff.

These guys spend years in the seminary, then more time serving under the ordained ones before they even come close to getting ordained themselves.

This is why I can appreciate any pentecostal pastor that is not just a preacher in name, but in every sense of the word.

After seeing him preach, I have to say that he has definitely done his homework and is well versed in theology, “The science of God or of religion; …the doctrines we are to believe, and the duties we are to practice…”, according to Webster’s dictionary.

He is not just one of these ‘God called me and I am starting a church tomorrow,’ kind of pastors.

Love or hate him, one has to admit that he does know what he is talking about when it comes to the scriptures.