Ever heard of

It involves praying fervently over a certain period with specific Bible verses. Sometimes, people pray for themselves, others, for God to help them lose a particular bad habit. The reasons are endless.

You can choose your reasons and the duration of the challenge or you can ready-made ones online or on apps like You Version

Regardless of what the reason is or how long the challenge is for, it helps you really focus on God as you communicate with Him deliberately.

What is so special about a prayer challenge?

As Alana Flowers of XO Necole found out after taking the Prayer Project 30 Day Written Prayer Challenge, it can do the following:

1. Strengthen your prayer life and your relationship with God

She writes, "This challenge held me accountable in reading the word and making sure I was spending much needed time with the Lord. I had been so focused on completing everything I needed to do in order to graduate that my prayer life had been put on the back burner. I still acknowledged Him in the morning and sending up some prayers over my food, but was nowhere near the type of prayer life that I desired to have. Setting aside that time had to be intentional: just like school and work."

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2. It helps you forgive

After spending 30 days praying for three people, she found that prayer really is a powerful tool that is capable of fixing one's heart.

In her words, "Shifting the focus from self and what's been done to me to how I can intercede on behalf of others was a game changer. By taking the time to concern myself with the problems and burdens of others (not in a worrisome way), it allowed me to shift my focus from anger to actually wanting to see this prayer get answered for someone else. There is power in forgiveness and it is way more than just a word. Forgiveness is a daily act and that intentional pursuit of forgiveness helped soften my heart one day at a time."

3. You see people in a better light

According to Flowers, participating in the challenge totally helped to change her attitude towards others.

She said, "The people I chose to pursue this challenge for were people that I had the hardest time with, but as a believer, it is my responsibility to intercede on behalf of others. These individuals were so used to conflict being the theme of our relationship that when my reaction became prayer and peace, it softened their hearts as well. God knows good and well that all these people He put on this earth that we all are not going to get along but He also made it a point to say "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone" - Romans 12:18."

As you can see, taking a prayer challenge is a really great idea.