Pastors often take to social media to share some great teachings. Paul Adefarasin who is the founder and Senior Pastor of House on the Rock.

His Twitter page is filled with some really deep, powerful words of advice. Here are five of them:

Know your identity

On September 14, 2018, the popular preacher highlighted the importance of knowing and believing everything God says about His children.

In his words, "You are a believer. Do not disbelieve God's word when He tells you that all things are already yours. Choose to believe that what He says about you is true. Command everything that is of the law to get out of your life & step into a life filled with the #GreatGrace of the Lord!"

Really understand your identity

He continued in the same vein on September 27th writing, "When you understand your true identity, you won't shrink away from challenges but will run towards them knowing that they're an opportunity for the identity of Christ in you to shine forth. May the full weight of the knowledge of this #GreatGrace dawn upon your understanding."

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God's favor is amazing

"You're not blessed because you are a savvy or creative person but because God puts His favor on you. You may have issues but when God's favor is on you, it covers your problems, wipes them out & improves you by installing Christ Himself to live in & through you. You're #blessed," the pastor wrote.

Focus on God, not unbelievers

On October 11, 2018, Pastor Adefarasin wrote, "Don't be seduced by the lifestyles of those who don't have Christ. They're like window-dressing & only attractive to those on the outside looking in. You're born of God, a joint-heir with Christ. He doesn't give you handouts, you dwell in the house & share its treasures with Him."

Trust God

"If you can't trust God with the little you have now, how will you be able to trust Him when He blesses you with more? God loves to be trusted. He loves it when you have faith because faith is what you need to take what He has for you out of His hand & get it into yours," he concluded.