Nigerians have been advised to stop using religion to create chaos.

According to Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, people need to stop causing disunity and confusion with religion and ethnicity.

Speaking at the quarterly meeting of Kaduna State Council of Chiefs and Emirs, he called on respective leaders to counsel their followers, properly.

“People are using religion and ethnicity to divide people to achieve political and several interests. We must work hard and ensure that forces of disunity and confusion fail, we must continue to stand up and nip in the bud all attempts to divide Nigerians along ethnic and religious lines. The human life is sacred and as a government, we must do our best to protect lives and properties.

I have said it and will continue to preach it, we have more to gain with peace and nothing to gain with violence. This is our collective resolution and we will continue to ensure peace and purposeful integration. I am here to commend you and to urge you to continue on that path", he said.

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Concerning the proposed religious bill, he said: “The proposed amendment of religious bill before the State House of Assembly has nothing to do with stopping anybody from practicing his or her religion, whether as a Christian or a Muslim. We are calling on the people to be on alert in order not to fail in their hands of people trying to divide the people along religion and ethnicity to cause problem.

Those people trying to divide our people for their selfish interest should desist. If you are a Christian, you must respect your fellow Muslim brother and if you are a Muslim, you must respect your fellow Christian brother too. Violence will not take us nowhere in the state,” the governor added.

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