Fundamentalist Sheikh, Mohamad Doar, has given a strong warning to teenage girls in a forum organised by the Muslim charity Sisters United.

Speaking at a youth night, the Islamic scholar warned them not to befriended non-Muslims or pluck their eyebrows, adding that doing these two things would take them to hell.

In his words, "The reality is, my sisters, any friendship that is not built on the fear of Allah is only going to lead to hell fire so you need to be cautious.

With your actions, you distance yourself from the corrupted people.

You are not allowed the remove the hair of the eyebrow, it's a major sin. The lady who plucks her eyebrows and the one who gets them plucked, they're both cursed by Allah."

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Sheikh Doar, who is from the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jamaah Association, also advised them to wear their loose and plain hijabs.

"It cannot be see-through showing skin. The hijab needs to be as plain as possible. It cannot be an imitation of the disbeliever's dress code. It cannot be attracting to the eye. It cannot resemble the dress of men. It can't be a showing-off cloth," he said.

His lecture covered Islamic fashion and grooming.

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