Award-winning actress, Julianne Moore says she believes in almost anything except the existence of God.

Citing her reasons, Moore told Hollywood Reporter that her disbelief in God began after her mother died which opened her eyes.

"I learned when my mother died five years ago that there is no 'there' there," she said.

The actress maintained that there was only meaning in this chaotic world when it is imposed on society.

"Structure, it's all imposed. We impose order and narrative on everything in order to understand it. Otherwise, there's nothing but chaos."

Moore says she believes what her life has become is mostly her own doing - as well as a dose of good luck.

"The idea that you're the center of your own narrative and that you can create your life is a great idea," the Hunger Games star explained.

"I totally believe it. I've been really lucky, but I feel I've completely created my own life."