Over 400 Jehovah’s Witnesses have been attacked in Angola.

The attack took place at a venue where over 7,000 church members gathered for a weekend-long regional convention on the outskirts of Luanda.

A local news source, Portal de Angola reports that they were attacked by a poisonous gas that caused more than 400 attendees (mostly female) to faint.

One witness, Abraham Kituxi, told the news agency that his sister-in-law, who was one of the first to collapse, had smelled something foul before fainting.

In his words, "Before, she had said she was feeling uncomfortable with an unpleasant smell and I assumed it would have been some of the garbage from the solid waste collection trucks that passed near the temple."

Her collapse was followed by more people passing out, creating panic throughout the venue.

The police and firefighters were called to the scene to rush 43 people to Cazenga Municipal Hospital and Cajueiros Hospital. Thankfully, no death has been reported.

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Three suspects have been arrested, they were seized by the Police while trying to change their clothes.

According to Jehovah’s Witness.com, these three suspects are members of UNITA, the main political party that has opposed MPLA, the dominant regime party in Angola.

Reportedly, the church members were attacked because the church members did not vote in the country’s latest presidential elections.

The unfortunate incident has been traced to toxic gas devices planted in containers of 750 thousand litres of different colors spread throughout the venue.

These litres are currently in the possession of the experts of the Provincial Service of Criminal Investigation of Luanda and the Central Laboratory of Criminalistics.