Prophet Rufus Phala makes his church members drink popular household bleach.

After making his congregation drink Dettol in 2016, this time the Senior Pastor of the Ark Centre Ministry in Makgodu Village, Limpopo, South Africa has decided to give them  Jik.

Why  Prophet Rufus Phala made his church members drink bleach

Before giving it to them, the South African prophet assured them that they were not actually drinking Jik because it had been turned into the blood of Jesus Christ.

He encouraged them to drink the bleach so that they could be healed. He went on to liken this 'miracle' to the Biblical story of Jesus turning water into wine.

In an interview with the Daily Sun, he explained that he has the power to change one toxic thing into something 'holy' by simply making a miraculous declaration.

He said, "Yes, it was Jik before I made the declaration. But after I declared it to be the blood of Jesus Christ it means it's no longer Jik so it won't harm anyone who consumes it."

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Reacting to this controversial 'miracle,' Thoko Mkhwanazi-Xaluva, chairwoman of the Commission for the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Cultural‚ Religious and Linguistic Communities, condemned the prophet.

She said, "A true man of God will not do such. We'll be meeting with the religious umbrellas on Thursday to have a conversation about such acts. We want them to stand up and say, 'Not in our God's name'."

According to the Daily Meal, drinking the undiluted bleach, which is a dilution of about 5.25% sodium hypochlorite in water, causes chemical burns.

Reportedly, six people have died after drinking the bleach while four are in critical condition in the hospital.

Despite this claims, Limpopo police spokesman Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe insists that there have been no complaints. However, he encouraged affected members of the Prophet's church to come forward.

Meanwhile, another South African preacher is in the news for a controversial miracle.

In a new Facebook post, Prophet Anointed Seer 1, the founder of Christ Freedom Ministries in Shesego, Limpopo South Africa, is seen vomiting money for his members.

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