Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has challenged Christians to prove that God actually exists.

While giving an unrehearsed speech recently, The Independent UK sparked outrage in his largely Roman Catholic country by vowing to quit as soon someone gives him evidence of God's existence.

Just two weeks ago after the president initially angered believers by calling God "stupid," Duterte has done it again by asking for a selfie with God and for just one Christian tell him if they have ever been to heaven and had a conversation with God.

In his words, "If there is anyone of you…who say you'd been to heaven, talked to God, saw him personally, and that he exists, the God is yours, and if he does, it's true, I will step down the presidency".

"I just need one witness who will say, 'Those fools at the church ordered me to go to heaven and talk to God. God really exists. We have a picture together and I brought a selfie'," he added during the opening of a science and technology event.

"You do that today, one single witness, that there is a guy, a human being was able to talk and to see God. Of the so many billions, I just need one. And if there is one, ladies and gentlemen, I will announce my resignation immediately."

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President Rodrigo Duterte attacks the Catholic church

Despite being born and raised as a Catholic, the 73-year-old politician went on to criticise the  Church.

He accused the church of collecting money and using it to "maintain the palaces and the luxurious things that the rest of humanity do not have. If you are really helping people, why do you ask money from them?"

Harry Roque, the spokesperson of the president, has tried to defend Duterte's remarks by citing a previous disclosure made by Duterte of being sexually abused by a foreign priest.  He also noted that the President has every right to share his personal opinions on religion.

Reportedly, a meeting has been arranged between the president and head of a major Catholic bishop association later this month by the officials of the Philippines Government.

It's important to add that despite his very public attacks Duterte maintains that he does believe in his own god, the one he created after being fondled by a Catholic priest.

"I have this deep and abiding faith in God but my God, my concept of God is [based] on the lessons I learned in life the hard way. I do not think of my God as a God that is applicable…otherwise there would be no widespread injustice: hunger, killings, and all," he reportedly said.