Reports from Christian Today say no fewer than 10 Christians have been killed in protests against Sunday’s attacks on two churches in Lahore.

This reportedly brings the total death toll across the two days to about 25 Christians.

Shamim Masih, chief reporter for the British Pakistani Christian Association (BPCA), told Christian Today from Lahore that four Christians had been fatally shot by police and six more killed by Muslims who attacked those protesting in Yohanabad, south Lahore, today.

It was reported that the Muslims were carrying sticks and beat the Christians with metal bars, he said. One woman also reportedly killed a man by running him over with her car, though it is not known whether the incident was deliberate.

Police intervened with tear gas, Masih said, but "the situation is getting worse and worse". Many Christians are now hiding in their homes behind locked doors, afraid of more attacks. Masih has done the same.

Others have continued to protest, and the demonstrations have spread throughout Pakistan. Masih said that reports of violence perpetrated by Christians today have been fabricated – they are not carrying any weapons, and overall are largely peaceful.

However, those protesting yesterday did turn to violence. Two suspects linked to the church attacks were lynched and their bodies burned.

Christian Today was told that those killed were accomplices to one of the church suicide bombers. Protesters from the Christian community also blocked a nearby main road, many of them reportedly carrying clubs, car windows were allegedly smashed and a bus station was attacked.