According to , Prince Khalid al-Faisal, Governor of Mecca ordered both male and female patrol police officers to patrol the city shopping districts to look for offenders wearing anti-Islamic clothes during Ramadan.

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The team was arrested for wearing shorts, immodest clothes, bold chains and had bizarre hairstyles.

Sabq Newspaper, the pro government Newspaper photographed young men wearing crocs, distressed jeans and knee length shorts being taken away in police vans.

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“Started pointing out many violations, like bizarre hairstyles, chains that are hung on the chest and arms, hair ties, shorts and immodest clothes.

“They were handed over to the department of criminal investigations.

“Frankly this outfit is sickening. Today I have decided to wear long sports trousers instead,” Sabq Newspaper wrote.

Saudi Arabia is an Islamic country and an extreme form of Sunni is practiced.