7 Things Muslims should never do on Facebook

Here’s my guide on how to use Facebook for Muslims.


I was criticised for saying Twitter is the most popular social network among Nigerian Youth, I take it back. There are way too many Nigerian Youth on Facebook who are using that forum to express themselves and voice out their opinions.

So by popular demand here are things a Muslim should never do on Facebook.

1. Confessions

Because Facebook allows way too many words, we tend to post our boring and private confessions for all to see. I once read a Muslim teen tweet in which she said “I went out to the club without my parent knowing”

Too much information is, well, too much. If you wouldn’t tell your spouse, mother, or a close family, why would you tell me? Why would you post your ugly and boring confessions on Facebook?

2. PrivacyAre you tempted to post what your family is doing at the moment with a nice filtered picture of it. NOOO it’s a trap, don’t do it.

In todays’s world people tend to be more public about their personal lives. Because intimate details of our lives can be posted so easily, we all tend to bypass the screens we might normally employ when talking about their private lives. What’s more, the things we post remain available indefinitely.

Moreover, while we might think that our information is safe on the internet but in reality most of us are rendered vulnerable by the information we put out there. Take Facebook for example where majority of people have their full names, dates of birth, age, work, school, clubs, family members, hobbies and pictures online. It may seem harmless but in reality that’s a lot of information to post for strangers to see.

This might do us more harm than good and particularly increases the risk for identity theft. So I advise us all to be very private about our private issues

3. Disturbing photos

Pictures of starving babies, burned dogs, and people with horrible disfigurements are in poor taste, and very upsetting to some people. We know a good cause is usually involved, but use some discretion when posting some of these pictures.

4. Anger

Learn to control your anger even on Twitter. “I’m so mad!” doesn’t give us a lot of information to go on, or any way to help. It just shows that you can’t control your anger and emotions.

5. Cyber Bullying/ Hate Speech

Social Media has given people a new platform to post hateful comments and even threats. Don’t ever post about how disgusting a tribe or religion is, it is nauseating.

6. Use simple common sense

Why would a major airline promise two free round-trip tickets likely worth more than 250,000 Naira just for a retweet? The old adage if it looks too good to be true it probably isn’t certainly applies here.

7. Trust nobody

First of all, while intermixing between the sexes is frowned upon by Islam. But don’t be so confident on Facebook. There are so many profiles with pictures of white people which in reality is owned and managed by 'scammers and 419-ers'

And please don't ever trust an attractive Facebook display picture.

In this vein, it is very important as Muslims to be careful of our usage of social media.  We should not forget that the Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, said: “A servant of Allah will remain standing on the Day of Resurrection until he is asked about four things: his life and how he spent it, his youth and how he used it up, his property and how he acquired and managed it and his knowledge and how he utilized it.”


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