An American Bible teacher is warning Christians of the dangers of celebrating Halloween.

For the teacher and blogger named Dale Partridge, the greatest danger is that believers especially parents who participate in this Satanic holiday are making themselves and their children get comfortable with evil.

Responding to the popular question - 'Should Christians celebrate Halloween?' he starts by first sharing the founder of the Church of Satan, Anton Levey's thoughts on this day.

When asked about Halloween in an interview years ago, he said, "I'm glad that Christian parents let their children worship the Devil at least one night out of the year."

Why this Bible teacher is against Christians celebrating Halloween

Responding to this, Partridge writes, "The reality is, Halloween is viewed as a Satanic holiday by Satanists. It was created by pagans for the purpose of honoring darkness. For our family, these facts checked our hearts regarding October 31st. Ultimately and unarguably, Halloween is a celebration of death. This is why your local Home Depot and Target stores are covered in morbid, decaying, witches and skeletons."

The Bible teacher who is also a Wall Street Journal Bestselling author, and the founder of, goes on to highlight his issue with Halloween.

In his words, "It's a season to make children more comfortable with evil and the distortion of God's image. It's a night to elevate nooses and demons and gore and horror and fear. So do we celebrate Halloween? No. Do we hide in a hole during Fall and the Halloween season? No. However, we do shield our little ones from darkness. We do not partake in the Church's creative attempt to redeem and sanitize Halloween either. We do celebrate Fall. We do understand that some families with older children established in their faith try to use it as an outreach night (which I commend)."

He closes with an important reminder.

"But we must remember, in a world filled with suicide, murder, wickedness, and fear we don't believe dressing up these horrors in cute decor one night per year makes them any less of what they really are - evil," he concludes.

Partridge and his wife use their non-profit platform called to replace "the lies culture tells us about faith & family with truth from the Bible."

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