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In a BBC documentary called; 'Islam, Women and Me,' the cleric tells the presenter Mehreen Baig what the woman needs to do to make her husband happy.

According to the unidentified cleric, husbands should always be obeyed and that the “perfect wife” has sex with her spouse whenever he wants it.

What it means to be the perfect Muslim wife

In his words, “She should show him love and affection, she should express her full confidence and trust in her husband.

“She must make herself available to her husband whenever he says ‘I’m ready, I need you’. She must be available unless you’ve got a good excuse.

“She should not admit anyone whom her husband dislikes to come in or stay in her house."

“She must not put economic pressure on her husband, she must obey her husband.

‘The wife must not travel without the consent of her husband.”

The Imam advised the men to love, trust and give their wives good homes.

The Sun reports that the documentary also covers the presenter’s conversations with activist and author, Yassmin Abdel-Magied, and other women.

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Social media reacts

The show got mixed views:

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Despite the mixed reactions, the presenter tells Newsbeat that she had the best intentions for the documentary.

Explaining her need to know if you can be an independent woman and a “good Muslim,” she says, “Some people will say you can’t be a strong woman because Islam is oppressive, others say you can.

“In a world where often Muslim women are spoken for and spoken about, it’s good to speak to women first-hand.”

She adds that her hope is that the programme educates non-Muslims.

In her words, “I could have created a show that was really fluffy and positive and showed loads of girls who wear a hijab and they’re all really empowered. But that wouldn’t have achieved anything.”