Popular gospel artist, Erica Campbell says

During the "We're the Campbells" promo clip above, the member of the famous gospel group Mary Mary and her husband, Warryn Campbell highlight the importance of believers discussing sexuality.

According to the couple, Christians need to reclaim sex from the devil by actually talking about in church instead of pretending that they are not having it.

Why Christians need to talk about sex

For Warren, who is a well-known music producer/pastor, "the line between Christianity and sexuality shouldn't be as a wide gap. People are scared to talk about sex in church [but] you sitting here talking to a bunch of people who all got here cause somebody had sex."

He continued, "I think it's really stupid to omit that conversation from the church and Christianity, it's kinda dumb if you ask me."

Warren was supported by his wife, Erica who said, "God created it (sex) and we handed it over to the enemy like he does it better, and he don't. I don't care what you see on TV and movies, don't you be fooled, there are some wonderfully saved people who have amazing times and amazing sex lives. We just don't broadcast it, we just don't share it with the world."

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Is the church really the best place to discuss sex?

The Campbells are not the only Christians who say the church is a great place to talk about sexuality.

Earlier this year, another popular Gospel singer, Jonathan McReynoldsinsisted that the church is actually the perfect place to have taboo conversations like sex.

During the first session of his LifeRoomTalk Platform, he said, "I think one of the things the church will mess up on if we don't fix it is that some topics don't seem right for church. But you need it in this context."

"I can't only talk about sex out there because out there sex is responded to differently. In here, I get an opportunity to frame it in the Christian faith. And so we really need to have more of these conversations," he concluded.

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