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Members of the  OAP-turned-preacher's ministry - Free Nation in Christ online church had their first outreach program on August 27, 2018. They did this without the physical presence of their convenor - Freeze, who handled things from Nigeria.

Having achieved this impressive feat, the controversial personality is encouraging the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and the founder of the Living Faith church to learn from him.

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What Pastor Adeboye and Bishop Oyedepo can learn from Freeze

On Instagram, Freeze wrote, "I'm overseeing things in London from Nigeria without the need for a private jet….. all I need is a good team of brethren @jyggacollins Poshmama, Dzik, Owa Remmy and others

"My colleagues Enoch and David una see how we dey do am for 2018? Is it not time to sell those gas guzzling, utterly wasteful and useless private jets that do nothing for the body of Christ except caress the overblown egos of some GOs whom the spirit of God has long left behind?"

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In his usual manner, he goes on to throw shade at G.Os and Pastors in general. He said, "Even though this was unplanned, our gathering at Shepherds Bush station in London was very significant, primarily because we are all shepherds in training, not sheep fattened for the slaughter like the premium Pentecostal cattle most temples are breeding for the tables of their GOs."

Watch the video of the evangelical outreach below.