For a lot of Christians, nightclubs are one of those confusing things that people can't seem to make up their mind on. While some approve, others consider it to be a sin. Daddy Freeze has revealed which category he belongs to.

Recently, the Cool FM OAP and leader of the free the sheeple movement stated that there is nothing wrong with Christians going to nightclubs.

He responded to a Twitter user who called nightclubs as venues of 'unholy and ungodly activities' with a lengthy Instagram caption.

According to him, this mindset is 'sorcery' adding, "that they taught you people and called it Christianity has no basis in scripture or in Christ!"

Why it is NOT a sin for Christians to go to nightclubs

Freeze says there is nothing wrong with this "as long as your intentions are pure and you stay away from sin."

He goes on to say this "is very possible. I go clubbing from time to time and it doesn't lead me to sin. I also go with my queen @Tastebudzng and have even gone with my mum and cousins abroad."

The religious critic's caption comes with a warning. In his words, "If however clubbing leads you to sin, please avoid it!"

Referring to  the book of Deuteronomy, Matthew 11:19 and Luke 5: 29, he concludes, "Guys read your bibles or else you will end up buying chains from pulpit bandits with the small Money you have."

Freeze later addresses the same issue in a Youtube video on Aug 14, 2018.

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The video titled: 'Yes, Christians Can Go To Nightclubs,' can be seen above.

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Christians and nightclubs

Meanwhile, popular Nigerian gospel artiste Sinach has said that she does not have a problem with her songs being played in nightclubs.

In a recent interview with Sunday Punch, she said, "Recently, a friend sent me a video of my song being played at a club. I noted from the reaction that they were singing along as they listened to the music. When you produce the right music with the right lyrics, people will look for it. Everyone needs encouragement, love, and inspiration. My music is powerful and when people listen to my music, they will get inspired."

The singer went on to discuss her career and personal life.