Daddy Freeze has reacted to a Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor’s claim that a woman was barred from heaven over tithe.

Pastor Mike Nwanegbo made this claim in an attempt to support his General Overseer, Pastor Enoch Adeboye who just said that that tithing is the criteria for going to heaven.

In his Facebook video, he says, “This issue of madness that is going around the whole world where people are talking about tithe and insulting elders and people over tithes. I think it is necessary I put my voice to this issue. Pastor E.A Adeboye who happens to be my pastor and my father in the Lord has made a statement that those who do not pay their tithe will not make heaven."

"Whoever is criticising that statement you are doing so because you never heard the whole story. Pastor Adeboye was talking specifically to his spiritual children and he was pouring out his heart to them about how understood the scripture and has a man he has a right to air his view. So, Pastor Adelaja you have no right to say he is working with the gospel of mammon as this has nothing with and I do not see where he has gone wrong.”

Daddy Freeze reacts

The OAP and religious commentator has responded to Pastor Nwanegbo’s claim.

He shared the video with the caption: "Many pastors need to be sectioned under the mental health act, as in my opinion, at the root of their paranoid delusions are underlying symptoms of possible mental health issues. Resorting to self-prophesied visions, emanating perhaps from their revenue induced insomnia.”

On Instagram, he said:

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Freeze later made a video on his Youtube channel where he shed some more light on the issue.

The video above is titled ‘Addressing RCCG Pastor Who Claimed His Wife Saw A Vision.’

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Heaven debate

Lately, there has been some talk over what it takes to enter heaven.

It started with Pastor Adeboye telling his pastors to tell their congregation that “Anyone who is not paying his tithe is not going to Heaven. Full stop.”

He was immediately criticised by Freeze, social media and a RCCG member who called him a fraud.

The controversial OAP also gave five reasons why the RCCG G.O is not going to heaven.

What do you think it takes to enter heaven?