10 ways to battle sexual frustration

As a Christian, it is important that you know how to deal with temptation.

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As a Christian, it is important that you know how to deal with temptation, especially when it comes to sex. We are surrounded by things that remind us of sex and can be a huge temptation, such as fashion, media, Internet, etc. So how do you maintain your spirituality? Read on for tips.

1. Pray: Make sure you pray consistently. Ask for help when you are not strong, and continue to pray if you feel yourself slipping.

2. Avoid pornography: It is very difficult to maintain a clear head and mind if you watch a lot or pornography. Not only does it increase lust, it also gives you a warped sense of how sex should be.

3. Use social media smartly: The age of social media has made life easy for a lot of reasons. One of which is being able to meet, attract and build inappropriate relationship with a member of the opposite sex. Make sure to keep a lookout for prospective temptations and stay away from them.

4. Consider the consequences: A lot of people who give in to their temptation, do so by forgetting, for a split second, that there will be consequences for their actions. Fear can be a great motivation to do the right thing. If you think about all you stand to lose by giving in, it might keep you from committing that sin.

5. Question your intent: Most times, when people decide to be sexually immoral, it is for a reason outside the sex itself. It could be because they feel insecure, want to be accepted, or they feel pressured. If you question why you are dong it, you could find a solution that does not require sex itself.

6. Build intimacy: This is for married couple. Most people in a marriage look outside because they have become bored of the sexual routine that is their married life. Find ways to rebuild this with your spouse will go a long way to rebuilding your marriage.

7. Avoid temptation: Do not give yourself the opportunity to make bad decisions. Avoid situations or places that can cause you to be sexually immoral.

8. Choose friends wisely; Your friends affect your decisions. You might be surrounded with fornicating and adulterous friends, but this does not mean you should do the same. Find ways to make sure you do not get sucked into your friends' habit or simply just make more godly friends.

9. Maintain high standards: It is not easy to be a godly person. It takes words. It also takes the belief that with self discipline, you can achieve a lot. Guard your standards, and realise that you do not need to be like the mediocre man or woman.

10. Keep busy: An idle hand or mind is easily corrupted. Always keep busy and focus on building your life in other ways. This reduces your likelihood of having the time to engage in sexual immorality.


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