A life-changing spiritual journey to the Holy Land in the company of a like-minded community of faith will be led by Pastor Chris in May 2018, Christians from all around the world will have the unique opportunity to join an exclusive tour in the Holy Land with Pastor Chris, who will be delivering the Word of God in a special set of historical locations in which powerful spiritual events have taken place back in the time Jesus stepped daily on that land.

The journey will be carried from the 10 until the 18 of May and will be filled with moments of knowledge enrichment and worship under the spiritual guidance of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. There are four tour options for every level of experience and number of visits to Israel, all tours take 9 days and all the tours include a worship night.

The Pilgrim Tour is specifically designed as a suitable option for first time visitors, guiding them through their powerful first experiences in Israel, and emphasizing the most iconic Biblical sites in its itinerary. Participants of this tour will welcome Shabbat at the Western Wall, the holiest site for the Jewish religion, and the last remnant of the Second Temple after its destruction by the Romans in 70 CE. Another highlight of the tour is the visit to the Mount of Beatitudes in the North of the country, where a prayer for Israel will be conducted. In this very same serene mount, Jesus conducted His unforgettable sermon of the mountain surrounded by a multitude of followers (Mt 5, Lk 6:20). Other sites to be visited are the Garden Tomb, the most believed site of Jesus’s burial and resurrection, and the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus miraculously walked upon the waters. Guide is Chris Oyakhilome.

The First Timer Comprehensive Tour is another option suitable for first-time visitors, however it offers a more in-depth visits and experiences in each site. Among the special treats for the participants in this tour is the unique opportunity to celebrate the entrance of Shabbat at the Western Wall and having Shabbat dinner with a Rabbi. The participants will say goodbye to the journey on an outstanding farewell gala banquet.

The Second Timer Comprehensive Tour includes brand new locations to the traditional list of Loved Holy Land sites, such as the ancient crusader fortress of Akko built in the 12 century, the city of Jericho and the sacred Shiloh, which was the major site for Israeli worship before the construction of the first Temple in Jerusalem. The tour will also include participation in the communion services at the Garden Tomb and the ministration on the Sea of Galilee, besides Shabbat celebrations at the Western Wall.

Guests who have participated on 2015 and 2016 tours have an exclusive option to sign up for the Third Timer Comprehensive Tour, which will include the city of Hebron, capital of Israel in King David’s time before it moved to Jerusalem and the burial city of Abraham and his family. At the heart of Hebron, participants will visit the Macphela Cabes where Abraham was buried. The special highlight for this journey is a visit to select sites in Jordan, including Mt Nebo where Moses first saw the promised land, the city of Jerash and the world-heritage ancient city of Petra.

As a bonus, participants will enjoy the breathtaking landscapes surrounding their hotel in the shore of the Dead Sea.  Special activities will include a Shabbat dinner with a Rabbi and Yeshiva boys, an Arabian themed dinner on the shores of the Dead Sea, besides the farewell gala banquet to be held at the end of the tour.

Few places on Earth offer such unique and passionate experience as Israel to its visitors, and it is very likely that, the individuals joining one of these tours get surprised by the number of things they can possibly learn on a visit to this vibrant country. Christians will have a chance to feel closer to Jesus’s life, sermons and parables as they hear ministrations standing and appreciating the same lands Jesus’s followers did 2000 years ago.

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