Bishop David Oyedepo has released his covenant blessings for this week.

On Sunday, October 21, 2018, the founder of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aka Winners' Chapelrevealed his prophetic declarations on Facebook.

His post focused on progress, wisdom, enemies, breakthrough and more.

See Bishop Oyedepo's blessings for the new week
See Bishop Oyedepo's blessings for the new week

Claim Bishop Oyedepo's prophecies for the new week

The popular cleric wrote: "When the Spirit of wisdom comes upon a man, it accelerates his destiny, he exceeds where everyone stops. From today you will begin to experience unhindered progress! Wherever you are now, wisdom will catapult you to the top! On this day, God will avenge your adversary in the name of Jesus! For someone here, God will cut down your adversary! Be empowered afresh with the Spirit of the fear of the Lord and the Spirit of wisdom!"

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"The treasures of the secrets of God will continue to flow in your life! Any yoke of the devil tormenting any area of your life, by the anointing, the yoke is destroyed! No sickness or disease stays with you anymore in the name of Jesus! Every deadly habit tormenting your life is destroyed today in the name of Jesus! By the anointing, you will be going from one breakthrough to another! Everything about you will breakthrough! No good thing dies in your hand anymore! You will testify this week in the name of Jesus!"

Have a blessed week!