American Christian ministry to provide aid, audio bibles for victims displaced by ISIS in the Middle East

Bibles for Refugees has initiated the project Bibles for Iraq, a global effort that seeks to give each displaced Christian his or her very own copy of the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ

A Christian ministry in the United States have launched a project that would provide both material and spiritual aid to thousands of Christians displaced by the conflict caused by the terror campaign of the Islamic State in the Middle East.

According to Christian Post, the material assistance would consist of food and other basic necessities while the spiritual component would consist of audio Bibles in Arabic and Kurdish languages.

Christian News reports that Bibles for Refugees has initiated the project Bibles for Iraq, a global effort that seeks to give each displaced Christian his or her very own copy of the word of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ.

"Our project, Bibles for Iraq, will focus on bringing the Scriptures to as many refugees as possible—many of whom cannot read or write and have never had access as much as they do now," the ministry said in the project's website.

ISIS has been intensifying its jihadist campaign to expand its controlled territories seized from Iraq and Syria. Moreover, the Boko Haram in Nigeria and breakaway fighters from Taliban in Afghanistan have likewise spread jihadist terror to Christian communities.

The ISIS has issued an ultimatum that non-Muslims in captured territories must either convert to Islam or leave. They also must pay a tax or face death, the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom said in its annual report.

Adding to the threat made by ISIS group, they have also been posting brutal execution videos on social media to strike fear among those opposing it, forcing hundreds of thousands of Christians and other minorities to run for their lives.

Recent reports estimated the number of displaced civilians in the region at around 1.8 million.

Bible for Refugees is now working with Michigan-based group World Mission to give to Iraqi and Syrian refugees solar-powered audio Bibles programmed with the Old and New Testament in both Arabic and Kurdish.

"While we will go in part to help meet the physical needs of the people, above all, the Iraqi people need the daily bread of God's word," said Michael Marcavage, president of Bibles for Refugees. "Lord-willing, we hope to take these audio Bibles to northern Iraq later this year and put them in the hands of a people who have been more devastated and displaced than any other people group."

"Humanitarian assistance shows love in a practical way that will last temporarily," said World Mission Executive Director Greg Kelley. "The word of God in their own mother tongue language will provide hope and transformation that is permanent."

Audio Bibles called "The Treasure" are needed because many of the displaced are illiterate.

"Among Iraqi refugees there is a very high concentration of oral learners," Kelley said. "Although these oral learners may not read a Bible, they will be deeply touched by listening to the precious word in their own language."

"On average, a single Treasure is used in a group of 10-12 people that will listen for 1-2 hours at a time," Kelley said, while underlining his experience in Nepal, Sri Lanka and in the African Congo where the Bibles are shared by a group who listen to them.

"Leaders who provide oversight for these Treasures will launch new groups each month. So, at the end of 12 months, 144 people are being ministered to by a single Treasure."

"The joy of listening to the word of God in their mother tongue language is difficult to describe," Kelley noted. "Imagine never being able to read and hearing the Bible for the first time! Johannes Gutenberg's invention of the printing press around 1440 was instrumental in the Protestant Reformation. In a similar way, the Treasure is providing millions of people around the world with historic access to the word of God."

The project still needs to raise funds for the distribution of at least 2,000 audio Bibles or $30,000, of which amount the ministry has already raised almost 60 percent.

"We desire to impact millions of people in Iraq. They have endured so much tragedy," Kelley said. "There is nothing we could provide that is more loving than the word of God.


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