Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), has urged Nigerians to be in fellowship with God, in order to get His attention.

According to him, fellowship with God is the security of Christians in the days of trouble, because it makes them more than conquerors.

Ministering on the theme, Adeboye said that Divine Choice influences other choices, and it makes believers conquerors.

“When men make their choice, error are bound to occur. But when the choice is from the Almighty God Himself, be it spiritual, political, professional, it is perfect and settled,” he said.

According to him, when there is Divine Choice, the permutations of men become irrelevant

“And the purpose of Divine Choice will manifest and make believers conquerors.

“Being with God is the peak of relationship and it makes Christians become supernatural.’

Adeboye said that to make a Divine Choice, a believer must “ not just serve God casually, but must be done delightfully and excitedly, so that it will trigger supernatural favour.

“He will silent every instrument of pain, shame and mockery over your life,” he said.

Adeboye also said that God often chose to accomplished his works through those the world regarded as “foolish, weak, unimpressive, or ordinary,’’ but who would diligently call on God for everything.

According to him, God has two main purposes for doing that:“ First of all, to accomplish great things through unexceptional people, and to prove that the world’s wisdom is foolishness.’’

“And second, God’s people don’t have any reason to boast: They have no power to save themselves and no ability to serve Him apart from His strength and wisdom.

“God isn’t interested in impressive human talent and natural ability. He is looking for humble people, who are totally dependent upon Him, and willing to make themselves available for whatever He calls them to do,” he said.

According to him, “our God is all knowing, powerful and self-existing, hence making up His mind on anything does not have human influence or interference, therefore His Choice is always just.

Adeboye said that God’s choice is based on the finished work of calvary, which is also His divine provision.

To enjoy God’s provisions, the cleric urged Christians to recommit themselves to pleasing God and work out their salvation.

He said: “having come to the salvation knowledge of God through our Lord Jesus Christ, you need to walk out your salvation daily with fear and trembling, to enable you qualify to dwell and reign with God in His eternal abode-heaven.”

“Are you precious to God? Have you brought yourself into a relationship with God so that if you die today, God will notice that somebody has died?

“The chosen will be defended tremendously against his enemies,” he said.

Adeboye told Nigerians that there was a relationship between Divine Choice and diligence, just as David was committed to his father, Jesse’s business.

“ David showed diligence and commitment to his father’s business and he caught the attention of the Almighty. What are you doing in the Kingdom that will catch God’s attention?

“ No wonder the Bible says who is he that says and it comes to pass when the Lord did not command it?