The holy book says "...and the truth shall set you free" right?

We really do not know if that is the case for an Alabama pastor who recently started church sermon with series of his misdeeds that shocked his congregation at Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Montgomery.

Juan McFarland standing on the pulpit allegedly admitted to having adulterous relationships with some females members on church grounds, taking church money for business trips and not bothering to go, abusing illegal drugs while pastoring, contracting HIV in 2003 and receiving an AIDS diagnosis in 2008.

Reporting the incident, local media says it is not clear whether McFarland, who has led the church since 1990, told his numerous sex partners about his STD status but at least one of them plans to take an HIV test.

a church member told a reporter.

Daily News revealed that first jaw-dropping sermon took place on Sept. 14 but two more followed. On Sunday, the deacons unanimously voted to remove McFarland as pastor.

Nathan Williams Jr., 80, who has attended Shiloh since he was just a boy, confirmed that many church-goers were stunned but not everyone was angry, said.

he told the news site.

Williams added that he does not know whether McFarland still has his other position as moderator of the 34-church Alabama Middle District Missionary Baptist Association.

About 160 people attend Shiloh every Sunday.