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Opinion Kanye; Oh “Ye”!

“Didn’t Africans have slaves? Or you think that’s different. Ok. Accepted: Slavery wasn’t a choice. But is modern day slavery a consequence of colonization?...”

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Kayne West. play

Kayne West.

(Life & Style)

In an interview with TMZ, the famous rapper said “When you hear about slavery for 400 years… For 400 years? That sounds like a choice.”

The internet erupted in comebacks, clap backs, counter statements and views. How could he? Does he read history books? Has he ever been in Africa? Pure ignorance! Privileged ignorance- His sense of entitlement has gotten into his head. Oh! I’m disappointed.


I may not be a big fan of Kanye, but I have always respect his point of view. I do not necessarily agree or like them, but respect? He will always have that. Personally, I think he is often judged because He’s Kanye, and what most have failed to accept is that that is Kanye being Kanye. Grasping his essence and thoughts without in-depth will definitely rile you.

Many took his choice words to heart. He was judged for voicing out an opinion. Truly and quite honestly, provocative statements might come quite easily to Kanye, but don’t we all get provoked by someone or something? Sometimes…  all times?

Modern day slavery

You think slavery would have ended after “400 years”? think again. Unless you have an explanation for the Libya slave trades, why people continually want to run, away from their respective countries. Someone please explain Edo girls in Italy, Nigerian girls in Saudi: all as an escape to make life better for their selves and hopefully family, how about Africans religiousness that gives the vagueness that we are at peace with each other? Maybe you can explain the political extolment in Nigeria with nothing deserving of it?

For anything to thrive in our world, it’s either it is accepted that it is not such a terrible thing, maybe in comparison to other places or someone or some people are benefiting from it. Now, if you think only the slave lords / masters benefited from slavery, you have to think again.

400 years of slavery was a choice. play

400 years of slavery was a choice.

(CBS News)


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Sometimes I wonder if truly it was slavery that brought about racism because even after slavery is said to be abolished, racism remains. Didn’t Africans have slaves? Or you think that’s different. Ok. Accepted: Slavery wasn’t a choice. But is modern day slavery a consequence of colonization?

Colonization & Mental Slavery

He then added: “You were there for 400 years and it’s all of y’all. It’s like we’re mentally imprisoned.” Come to think of it. Numbers don’t lie. And that we had. Still do. And we have to wonder what part of history we had missed out on or was it all “God’s plan”? Kanye explains himself or he tries to: “To make myself clear, of course I know the slaves did not get shackled and put on a boat by free will. My point is for us to have stayed in that position even though numbers were on our side means that we were mentally enslaved.”

Slave chains

Ever been to the slave village in Badagry, Lagos? That well that is said to be used to hypnotize the slaves doesn’t sound like the work of the colonizers to me, or maybe the tour guide got ahead of himself. Been to Ouida Benin Republic, Ghana, Goree island in Senegal? These chains call for questions. There is an influence to asking questions. We should ask more.

Can we also add this to our thoughts? How does a system exist for so long without being abolished? Those who refuted the instance of their being did that as slaves, you might recall. Why didn’t anyone speak up earlier or did they, and were silenced before their words hit the ground or may be their voice wasn’t as loud. We will never know.

The choice

Wakanda forever? No. I said that and will say it again. J Cole in Nigeria a few days ago is prove. African-Americans were the one who came at Nigerians. Not the whites. But African-Americans. Did you read the African part? And you still want to blame the blacks’ behavior on some slavery that happened a long time ago or the color of our skin?

Point of no return. play

Point of no return.

(The Nation)


In a continent that had not a democratic government but lots and lots of ‘functioning’ monarchy systems? Someone was definitely getting their pockets filled. Colonizers ruined us? But we ruin ourselves more, every day, all day. The spill of that stays with us even in 2018.

Not too long ago, I tried to defend Nigeria on the gram and someone replied me stating the not so hidden; economic state and why Nigeria was definitely a shithole. I replied; stating that He was right. Nigeria is all of that and many more, the suffering is unbearable at times (even tough relative) but it is the only home I have ever known, and oh, I don’t feel like a stranger here. I also asked if he had any more questions. He replied saying that was good enough for him.

I do not feel the constant pressure to prove myself worthy. I don’t have to worry about guns and guns control. I don’t have to worry about being looked down on because of my skin color. I do not have to worry about some choice words because my country men would understand and not take it to heart. That and many more doesn’t mean I’m satisfied with my country but I call it home; with all her messes and graces.

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Our reality

Kanye’s words is a reality we all should review, crafted in the follies of depravity.

We live in a world of choices.

We daily crave for a better future but refuse to question the past in a failed attempt to ‘honor’ the ancestors. We keep trying to anesthetize tempered feelings with a punctuated reality. The future we have been waiting for is here.

Written by Christiana Osun.

Christiana is a writer dedicated to voicing out thoughts we’d rather not complete: Presenting our realities and sharing relatable experiences and thoughts provoking subjects. She’s sarcastic, fun loving and an enigma of possibilities.  Instagram: @_themillenniallady_  Twitter: @OsunChristiana  Facebook: OSUN Christiana Oluwadamilola   Email: krwistee@gmail.com

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