Charlie Xtreme, also known as Charlie X, or simply CHx is a bundle of music talent doubling as one of the finest rappers and producers Nigeria has got yet he seems to be flying under the radar.

According to him he is of the thought that Nigerians are not ready for his kind of music and so may not be getting called up for live shows.

Charlie X has that signature masked cover face to which he defends himself to be all about the music and not his face. Whether this fact may be part reason why he isn’t so out in our faces is up for debate. Personally, I would like to think that could help his brand stand out. Take a look at Lagbaja after all.

“Probably, but does anyone really wanna hear the music I make live in concert? Mask or no mask. I believe that's the real question,” Charlie remarks.On whether he thinks he is an alternative musician or being labelled as such, Charlie appears clueless on that one saying he hasn’t been told that neither has he heard it from anyone.

“I honestly don’t know what I'm considered or people's opinions about me. It's not like anyone is telling me in person on otherwise.”

Charlie on what inspires his creativity tells Pulse he doesn’t even work by inspiration.

“I don't really do work by inspiration but I know that everything we experience influences how we think and behave and also how we make music and stuff. So, I guess the influence of the things I read is in there somewhere,” responding to whether books which he happens to be into inspires his music creativity.

Charlie X reveals he taught himself to produce, but credits E-Kelly for his first studio experience.

“I taught myself to produce. E-kelly took me to my first studio. I learned to produce on my own. I was already doing some form of production before E-kelly got me into a studio. We were working on different projects so it sort of was like booth camp”.

Charlie X for those who don’t know was one of the producers on Boogey and Paybac’s ‘’Face Off”  joint album. Being essentially a rapper himself, Charlie didn’t have any problem working with the pair of brilliant Hip Hop talents.

Prior to that, Charlie had also worked with Boogey on a joint project “This Is Not An Acronym (T.I.N.A.A)” mixtape, a critically acclaimed Hip-Hop project.

Charlie X already has released three brilliant EPs in 2017 “Young and Faded” featuring Jumar, “Trapped” and the most recent “Drums, Guitars and Songs On Random Sh!t”.

Funny story here - Charlie tells Pulse these fantastic projects which are more less album standards were born out of boredom and doesn’t really consider himself an artist but rather that guy who just wants to help artists achieve their vision.

“I don't consider myself an artist. Never wanted to be one. Just always wanted to be the guy who helped others achieve their vision. I just recently started recording my own material out of boredom. But the feeling you speak about on trapped applies both ways I guess.”

Curious to know what led to a particular song ‘Trap around the corner’ on the “Trapped” EP, Charlie X explained that it was a feeling of being aware of destructive obstacles on one’s path to glory. According to him, it was a type of song with a story no one would like to talk about.

“Trap around the corner basically is me using all the elements of a trap record but using the literal words to tell a story of monsters and warmings about this destructive things. The song then ends up being a euphemism on the things in the path of a creative person waiting to ruin or devour him.”

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On how he gets going with his music, Charlie says it’s basically random.

“Making music with me is very random. I have loads and loads of ideas and I attend to them from time to time. Sometimes I'd be working on an idea and a certain artist would be in my house and like it. I tell him/her what I want on the song and they do it or don't. Or I write the song or have ideas and email the song and ideas to different artists until one accepts to do the record.”

The masked producer doesn’t get attached to the songs he makes and interestingly according to him doesn’t think any song he produces is extraordinary.

“I don't ever think what I make is that impressive. I'm genuinely surprised and appreciative when someone actually likes it.”

Charlie admitted he has tried quitting the music thing several times due to the records not yielding as much financial gains as he would have liked but for some reason he has kept at it

To him fulfilment with the music is when he can actually earn a serious living from music, going wherever he wants to go without thinking about what it would cost or take.

Find the versatile multi-skilled Charlie X on Soundcloud and give his music production a spin and see what you been missing.

Charlie X, the producer’s records are a good bang for your buck!

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