Choosing a career is a daring step. Building it is even more tedious. Let our horoscope reading shed the light on your career path.

Here is what has to say about your career today.

Aries: You are a pioneer and an inventor. Tune into this part of your personality as you go about your day. Ask yourself what needs to be created in order to make your job go more smoothly and efficiently and then make plans to create this very thing.

Taurus: This is a very difficult time of month for you in which you feel as if everyone is against you. You are between a rock and a hard place with basically no room to escape. The harder you push, the more resistance you will encounter.

Gemini: Be careful that you don't take on too much emotional stress. Pressure and high expectations from others is likely to put you into a panic and this will, in turn, lead to your own ill health. Take care of yourself emotionally and physically.

Cancer: Your powers of concentration are strong and your mood is good. Overall, this is a fantastic day for you to get to the heart of any task you are dealing with and accomplish this task easily and efficiently. You have much to gain if you take charge.

Leo: Don't try to push or prod others. The more you try to control other people, the more they will resist you. Your best tactic is to be sensitive to their needs and to win their trust by listening and offering gentle suggestions, not giving orders.

Virgo: Stick close to your home base today - whether this is your desk, your station, or your actual home. Either way, this home base is where you will be most efficient in getting your work done. Your ability to stay focused will be quite strong.

Libra: If you are trying to scam or trick someone into getting what you want, it will not work today. Others will be able to see right through you. Don't bother putting on any sort of act. Being honest and real is what will earn you the respect you desire.

Scorpio: If you have a specific task that requires you to do something with passion, now is the time to do it. More than ever, you have an all-or-nothing attitude that will help you persevere with great strength and conviction until the job is done.

Sagittarius: While you are desperately trying to cheer everyone else up, it seems as if everyone else is trying to pull you down. There is an emotional weight to the day that is making it difficult for you to stay on the sunny side of the street. Do your best.

Capricorn: Determination and mental strength are key aspects of your personality that are shining brightly throughout the entire day. Make sure you don't step on other people's toes as you race to the top. Hurting others will not help you in the long run.

Aquarius: You can't just rely on your mental capacities and expect to be successful. You must trust other abilities of yours - including your sixth sense, your intuition. This aspect of your personality will be especially strong today, so be sure to use it.

Pisces: You will be in good favor with the people around you and this will most certainly set the stage for a very efficient and productive workday. In general, others are on the same wavelength as you. Yesterday's confusion will dissolve.