3 myths about creativity we should debunk [Pulse Contributor's Opinion]

In ancient times, the ability to identify an abstract idea and bring it to life in any form was deemed to be a divine one.

3 myths about creativity we should debunk

As the art of creativity was something that couldn’t be articulated by the human mind.

Before the renaissance of the (14th-17th Century), A creative was assumed to have a genie working with him/her. That the creatives’ artistic exhibitions were not his/her doing but the genie. That the art of being innovative was not an ‘individual process’ rather a collaborative one.

However, at the early dawn of the 21st-century, it all changed.

Modernity not only led mankind to disregard all elements of divinity, but it also put Man in the centre of the universe. Isolating any form of external inspiration and Making the entire creative process individualistic. And that was a terrible mistake.

The effects of the renaissance created ripple effects that transcended over decades and now battle our creative minds today and if this wrong notion about creativity isn’t debunked, it will continue to torment us and our future creative minds yet to be born.

  • It Is Internal: Regardless of what pop culture and modern enlightenment suggest, ‘Creativity’ in all its essence is not internal. It’s external. You only exist as a medium for it to be brought to life. 

The human mind is too fragile to carry such a heavy calling. Our attempt to internalise something as sublime as ‘art’ is one of the leading causes of burnout, mental illness, anxiety and exhaustion.

Submit to your craft, when it is ready to manifest and watch the magic happen.

  • It Is Infinite:There’s often that one popular artist that makes beautiful art be it in the form of music, writing whatever and all of a sudden you don’t hear of them anymore.

We’ve been compelled to believe ‘talent’ is infinite and that’s false. Creatives do lose their talents. after a certain streak of excellence and widespread praise. With time the creative process can lose all sense of beauty and becomes an excruciating experience for the artist. Which eventually leads the output to dry up. Some artists' creative streaks just happen to last longer than others.

  • It Is always at its Peak: Despite the source of creativity being utterly perfect, the ability of an artist to interpret and recreate it in his/her voice & style can be enhanced. 

How? By constant practice. No matter how good you are at writing, singing, dancing, painting, acting, etc. There is room for improvement.


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