Recent reports have shown that Burna Boy has returned to his first love, LeriQ.

The duo had been on the come up together, working on the singer’s first album, “Burn Identity,” before making it together through Burna’s successful second album “L.I.F.E”. There’s was a match made in heaven. Burna Boy supplied the brawn, LeriQ came through with the brain. Their partnership came with many benefits. Burna Boy came from nothing and made it to the top of the act. Great songs such as ‘Like to party, were churned out with lethal efficacy.

But in 2014 tragedy struck. Burna Boy’s contract with Aristokrat Records was at an end. He was sure going to quit the record label and also had personal issues with LeriQ. The breakup was acrimonious. There was bad blood, and words were exchanged on both sides. LeriQ was signed to Aristokrat, hence he was prevented from having production work with Burna Boy.

Burna Boy, ever the heady, obstinate rebel was quick to find replacements. Spellz came on and gave him ‘Don Gorgon’. From his work with LeriQ he brought out ‘Rock star’. But that was it. Although he made good songs, they failed to hit the heights that the others had gone. But the worst was yet to come.

Burna Boy’s next studio album was abysmal in quality. The album was mostly shunned with production from Jfem, and many others. Gone was the panache and glory that was characteristic of “L.I.F.E”. Burna Boy had lost his musical soul, incapable of the greatness that once came naturally to him. You know an album is bad when a singer says he made the work for his ‘core’ fans.

In fact, Burna Boy’s talent never left. What he possesses is God-given and raw. Without someone to pry deep and bring out the fire within, all he would shoot are blanks.

But a tweet has brought hope to many a music fan. LeriQ shared a video which had Burna Boy listening to new music which was Trap fusion. Turns out LeriQ was on the beat, and Burna Boy did his thing.

What this means is that the partnership is back. Burna Boy is finally making music with LeriQ again, and the potential good music to come out of the partnership leaves many hearts pumping with delight. What this means is ultimately good for both parties. True love never dies.

Burna Boy’s next album, and on the short-term, his next single already has many anticipating. You can be sure of the futuristic and experimental sounds of LeriQ giving a launching pad for Burna Boy.

This is good for LeriQ, Burna  Boy, you and I. A firing Burna Boy is good for everyone.