I for one do not really fancy cooking as much as the average  girl does, well that is because I see food as a necessity to survive but I love parties, I mean who doesn’t?

Now cooking parties on its own is on another level of fun because when I think cooking parties I think wine, wine, wine, yes please! And of course friends, music and tasty food  now that is a party.

Cooking alone in your kitchen can be tedious and boring but cooking parties are a very fun way to enjoy the art of cooking with friends, strangers and family alike because cooking is Art.  The level of creativity that goes into creating a tasty meal is amazing and is an experience that should be shared and enjoyed.

Cooking Parties.

A cooking party is a party where all guests including the host are involved in making the meals together. It  is a great for building relationship and group interactions while awaking your inner chef,  because cooking together involve lots of  conversations about the meal and deciding what goes in the pot and what stays out.

Tips for throwing a Cooking Party.

My number one tip of throwing a cooking party after sorting out the space and ensuring your guests understand the nature of the party, will be “know how to cook” or have someone who knows how to like a chef and ensure this person is  present at your cooking party. I will go with a chef  because  they are professionals and will ensure that everything goes as planned and everyone is participating in one way or another.

Another tip for a cooking party will be to make sure your party has a theme and prep your guests by sending them the theme and the recipe in the invitation  to ensure that your guests have a common knowledge of the meals to be made.  For example you can theme your cooking party “Jollof fiesta” so that your guests know they are all making Jollof rice or something like “grill, burgers and wine” your guests know what to expect, also assigning tasks and having a menu will make things easier as everyone can pick what they may want to cook and this will make the process of cooking more fun which is the main reason for hosting one in the first place.

Choose the number of guests wisely, if you have a medium sized kitchen you may want to limit your guests to a party of five to ensure everyone has space to do their thing comfortably. A big space encourages more guests and a small space less guests.

You may also want to include like an ingredient list in the invitation if you want your guests brining ingredients to the party. This will ensure you have enough ingredients and you will spend less buying ingredients for the intended cooking party as you can share the ingredients amongst your guests or provide all ingredients yourself, it’s your call.

Cooking Party Menu

Picking the menu for the cooking party may be a bit tricky. If I was to pick a meal to make at a cooking party that will be easy and fun to make I will definitely choose a burger and fries. Why? It is easy to make, very tasty and filling and I will get it done in time whilst not starving anyone in the process of making a  tedious meal. A cooking party is not a competition although you can make it a friendly challenge between guests but it isn’t “next top chef” or “chopped”.

The host should ensure all guests are having a lot of fun and ensure that friendly challenges don’t turn into a cooking match.

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Cooking parties are perfect for birthday parties, bridal showers, family get togethers. Could be Sunday grill, girls night in, a kid friendly party where they can bake cookies or cakes or date night,where you can do something different with your spouse. Team dinner to boost team communication and division of labor among your workers, to list a few.

Taking the above tips into consideration paying in mind the importance of making sure your guests have a swell time, then you should definitely consider pulling off a cooking party for your next event and you could make  it about  making an easy meal burger recipe I am sure you will definitely enjoy it.

Written by Destiny Awata.

Dee Awata is a content creator , freelance writer and lifestyle blogger. She aspires to inspire with her words and travel the world writing, designing and photographing city to city. Check out her blog at www.deeawata.wordpress.com and connect with her on social media @deeawata.