Okay, let's talk about something that is rarely discussed in the Blogosphere. Bloggers would rather die inside and find their way back up on their own than share these struggles. It's all in a bid to save face, keep heads up and feign strength.

It's okay to have a little bit of blogging ego. What's not okay is not knowing the amount required to totally kill your blogging career. While you are trying to find your blogging voice, you are going to be on a frequent cycle of high and low. No, we don't talk about this. Yes, it is freaking necessary.

Blogger esteem is a self coined word and it's a substitute for self esteem, only that I attribute this to Bloggers. Blogger esteem is your confidence level at any particular point in time. We can invariably infer that there are times that you are so low on your Blogger esteem that you feel like deleting your blog the next minute. There are also moments when your Blogger esteem is so high that you feel like the most successful Blogger in your niche.

I guess you catch the drift. Do you? Okay, great!

Because we normally don't discuss this in Blogger circles, I would love us to discuss it here and now. There is a probability that you are currently low on Blogger esteem. As soon as you are done reading this entry, these facts will change your orientation and gear you up.

Low Blogger Esteem is more of a feeling than a reality

So, I am going to help buttress this fact with a scenario. 5 Bloggers are nominated for a Travel Collaboration. Only 4 will be picked and you discover you are the only one dropped. It is very valid to have your Blogger esteem automatically drop from level 84 to 0. It is further going to drop to -20.8 if after comparism (which kills blogging joy) you feel you work harder than all of the other Travel Bloggers combined.

During this esteem crisis, you did not make careful to find out exactly why you were dropped and so you capitalized on your feelings. A good Samaritan in the Travel Brand decided to give you hints and only after many weeks did you realize that your particular travel niche was why you were dropped. You focus on hotels, the others all focus on food.

But of course, you have let this situation put you down. You have grieved and mourned and temporarily shut down your blog for 2 days.

Listen, what goes on around your blogging is external. Your actual blogging and your inner drive is the real deal. I find domain ranking another very good scenario to understand this. While other blogs are springing up, your blog is still rated on a scale that incorporates the existence of these blogs. So, you drop from 48 to 47 for example and immediately think you are doing so bad. You forget that 1,000 more blogs were opened the previous week. Just saying.

Feelings and reality are on a very far end of this scale. Choose to capitalize on your strengths, your positive Blogging experience. Capitalize on your reality!

Every Blogger has experienced this

You probably don't know that even the successful Bloggers of today are also on a journey. They have only attained a level of blogging maturity that helps them overcome the frequent blogging challenges. These blogging obstacles are meant to drill you and push you unto growth. They will lower your Blogger esteem only if you allow them.

Professional Bloggers also struggled with finding their voices. They also have down moments. Some of them have had to transition from a niche or set of niches to another. Only a few are very open about this process. This is because some count this as a personal journey, others don't think it an important lesson other Bloggers may glean from and some others are trying to protect their ego.

You experience a low Blogger esteem because Blogging means a lot to you

So I say to people that if they have never been down in the face of Blogging challenges, massive competition and outright denial, they should go back to check if Blogging is really what they want to do. A situation of low Blogger esteem is actually a good sign. What you do with it is what matters eventually.

If your Blog means nothing to you, you become very nonchalant about important Blogging tasks. You take many things with levity. You give excuses for your inadequacy and failures. You most definitely don't have time to set Blogging goals and a time to reflect on how far you have gone. You don't want to know how you can improve. Let this down time be a consolation. You are serious about this!

In conclusion, when you begin to experience a low Blogger esteem, calm down, take a step back and remind yourself of all the good things about your blog. Remind yourself of the highlights. Remind yourself of why your Blog is unique and special. Remember your drive and passion. Remember why you started blogging. Take a small break to breathe because a low Blogger esteem might be the consequence of a burnout.

Cheers to your blogging.

Written by Esther Adeniyi.

Esther Adeniyi is a passionate lifestyle blogger who yearns to see new bloggers thrive, blog quality and have fun. She blogs at www.estheradeniyi.com