If you are on the hunt for the woman with the tightest vagina, then this study has narrowed your search. Your ideal woman might be closer than you think.

A recent study whose aim is to find the race where women have the tightest vagina has revealed that black women are the likeliest to be tighter down there.

The study, which was tagged, “Comparison of vaginal shapes in Afro-American, Caucasian and Hispanic women as seen with Vinyl Polysiloxane Casting,” also showed that second on the list is Hispanic, then Caucasian women came in third place.

According to reports, the study called for a full vinyl polysiloxane casts of the vagina to be obtained from the subjects –  23 African-American, 39 Caucasian and 15 Hispanic women. The casts were taken in lying, sitting and standing positions.

Below are the findings from the study.


Analyses of cast and introital measurements revealed:

(1) posterior cast length is significantly longer, anterior cast length is significantly shorter and cast width is significantly larger in Hispanics than in the other two groups and

(2) the Caucasian introitus is significantly greater than that of the Afro-American subject.

The shape of the vagina also varies from woman to woman and can be categorized as parallel sides, conical, heart, slug and pumpkin seed [21,23]. When compared among races, the pumpkin seed shape was found to be specific to African-American women [23].

The researchers found that the Hispanic ladies’ vaginas were wider overall, longer in the back, and shorter in the front than the vaginas of the other women. The study also noted that the Caucasian women had a much larger vaginal opening than did the African American women.

So basically, Caucasian women tend to have longer vaginas at the front of the body (anterior), shorter at the rear. Hispanics tend to have larger overall width (what you would term tightness) with the shortest length. African women tend overall to have the smallest width (tightest).