Nigeria's most popular gay, Bisi Alimi, says he is a marked man at the moment as he has been receiving death threats from different people who are hell bent on killing him.

Bisi who made the headlines when he came out in 2004 to declare his sexual orientation, had to run away from the country when he said some people wanted to kill him for coming out a gay.

Since then, Alimi who was voted as one of the most influential gays in 2014 by World Pride Power List, says he has been receiving serious bashing from his country men and women but has not been fazed by any of this as he believes he has his life to live.

But in recent times, he has been telling the world that he has been living in fear as he has been followed by unknown faces even in London where he stays while he also fears coming to his home country for fear of being killed.

The threat is becoming real this days and Alimi has cried out as a man, one Egboh Jerry Chidi, went to his Facebook page to send him a death threat.

This is what Alimi wrote on his page after receiving the recent threat:

"Here is a message I got on the 25th January 2015 at 22:31. I am sharing this so people can see the reason why I fear for my life going back to Nigeria.

On a daily basis I get this kind messages from ‪#‎Nigerians‬ threatening to kill me. Many times I have been followed in London and many times I fear coming out of my house.

When I talk about the imminent threat to my life many people think I am making it up. I love Nigeria but I have to make a wise decision to either go back and risk my life or stay away completely.

I know one day will come and my children and grand children and my god children will see a better Nigeria. Tonight I am going to bed with tears in my eyes and with a heavy heart as I have no idea why someone will hate me this much just because of who I am.

I please beg you to help me share this picture on Facebook until this guy gets it. In doing so, please only show him love. Never abuse or get mad at him. Thank you for your support".

Alimi currently resides in the UK.