Tobi, who emerged the second runner-up of the third season of Big Brother Naija, has explained why he suddenly went from begging Cee-C to ignoring her.

During a recent interview on Rubbin Minds, the host, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, who also hosted the reality show, asked Tobi why he 'flipped the script' on his relationship with Cee-C.

According to Tobi, it was more about him reaching his limit than flipping the script on her.

Tobi and Cee-C in  Big Brother Naija house

"When you have a relationship with a friend - like whoever it is - you tend to give room for a lot of things. You try to be understanding, and then you try to be really objective," he said.

"But, I mean, you definitely get to that point where you are like - 'I have been patient but this is not going to work.' I think I just got to that point.

It wasn't like flipping the script. It's just that, you've been patient, patient, patient, and you see that 'yo, this thing isn't gonna stop. It's probably just going to continue.' I mean, everybody has their own limits, I thing I got to my own limit.'

During his stay in the Big  Brother Naija house, Tobiwent from being apologetic about his every move to not caring about Cee-C, a change that upset the latter, pleased some of the viewers, and had others insinuating that he got outside information about what viewers thought of their relationship.

In the first three weeks of the show, Tobi was often criticized by viewers for persistently begging Cee C  for either a kiss or apologizing for crimes he didn't commit.

Suddenly, he went from apologizing to walking out on her and even putting her up for possible eviction.

The third season of #BBNaija  came to an end on April 22, with  Cee-Cas the first runner-up, and Tobi as the second runner-up.