• WhatsApp is testing a new privacy feature.
  • This update will stop users from taking screenshots of private chats. 
  • It wil come with a fingerprint feature that prevents people from reading or responding to your private messages.

WhatsApp has a new feature that could be the solution to your privacy problems.

According to WEBetaInfo - a website that offers news about experimental and upcoming WhatsApp features - there is a new authentication feature that offers users a high level of security.

If enabled, the Facebook-owned messaging app will prevent users from taking screenshots of private chats. 

This authentication feature is not available yet.

The Facebook-owned messaging app is also reportedly testing a new fingerprint feature that would come with the Android beta version 2.19.106.

WhatsApp feature (wabetainfo)
WhatsApp feature (wabetainfo)

This would require users to scan their fingerprints before they access chats. It would prevent people from reading or responding to your private messages on WhatsApp. 

"Fingerprint security - When enabled, fingerprint is required to open WhatsApp and conversation screenshots are blocked," the post on the site read. You can still reply to messages from notifications and answer calls if WhatsApp is locked."

WhatsApp feature (wabetainfo)
WhatsApp feature (wabetainfo)

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More WhatsApp features

The new feature comes after the company issued a statement last month announcing the release of a new feature that would prevent people from adding users to group chats. 

When enabled, this security feature would require the user to seek permission before adding others to groups.

Reportedly, WhatsApp is currently testing the "Forwarding Info" and "Frequently Forwarded Message" feature. This will let users know when a message has been forwarded.