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Google Assistant is six times more likely to answer a user’s question than Amazon Alexa is, according to a study by 360i.

Each AI-infused assistant was asked 3,000 questions, of which Google Assistant answered 72%, and Alexa answered only 13%.

As the rapidly burgeoning voice assistant landscape evolves, the initial results suggest that Google could be well-positioned to overtake Amazon in the voice assistant market, despite Amazon's early lead.

The ability to accurately understand and respond to users’ questions will be a key element to the usefulness and usage of a voice assistant. And the vast difference in performance by Google Assistant over Amazon could give it an edge as the voice-first ecosystem continues to expand. Here’s why:

Still, Amazon has established a solid lead over competitors in the connected voice market. The company’s Echo installed-base, large volume of Alexa skills (voice apps), and multitude of partnerships with third-party connected devices, has helped it capture mindshare and carve out a solid segment of the voice assistant market. And Alexa has a ton of room for growth; just 5% of Amazon customers own an Echo, according to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners. For context, 51% have a subscription to Prime, 34% own a Kindle Fire, and 6% own a Fire TV.

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