Facebook just announced it got hacked, and nearly 50 million accounts were compromised — here's how to tell if you were affected (FB)

An estimated 50 million users were affected by a recent Facebook hack. If your account was compromised, you'll be automatically logged out of Facebook, as well as any other app where you use Facebook to log in.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

News of a hack affecting 50 million Facebook users made waves Friday among the social network's more than 2 billion monthly active users.

A vulnerability in the site's "View As" feature, which lets users see what their profile looks like from someone else's view, allowed an attacker to steal access tokens that would provide entry to people's personal accounts, Facebook said in a blog post.

Between the estimated 50 million accounts whose access tokens were compromised, and the 40 million more users whose accounts Facebook reset as a "precautionary step," an estimated 90 million users were logged out of their Facebook accounts on Friday.


The affected "access tokens" are what keep users logged into Facebook on their devices, and saves them from having to re-enter their password every time they want to use the site. Because of the hack, Facebook has already reset these access tokens, which means that if you were affected by the hack, you'll notice that you have been automatically logged out of your Facebook account, as well as any other apps that use Facebook to login.

Facebook wrote in its post that affected users "w

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