• Netflix renewed the series in 2018 after Fox canceled it and it was an instant hit with audiences at its new home.
  • The series was regularly among the most in-demand streaming original shows in the US after it moved to Netflix, according to weekly data from data firm Parrot Analytics.
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Netflix renewed "Lucifer" for a fifth and final season in June, but the series might live beyond that.

Netflix and Warner Bros. TV are in talks to bring the series back for a sixth season, according to Deadline , which said that it confirmed the news.

Netflix revived the series for a fourth season after Fox canceled it in 2018. Season four premiered in May and was an instant hit with audiences.

"Lucifer," a DC Comics series that follows the devil relocating to Los Angeles, was regularly among the top 10 most in-demand streaming TV series in the US after it debuted on Netflix, according to weekly data from data firm Parrot Analytics . The company measures demand expressions, which reflect a show's viewership, desire, and engagement weighted by importance.

During the month that season four premiered, the series jumped to the top spot of Parrot Analytics' weekly list of in-demand streaming originals in the US and remained on the list for months after that, showing that demand is high for the series.

Netflix seems to have taken notice.

While Netflix increases its focus on romance and comedy programming, sci-fi and fantasy TV shows (like "Lucifer") are still a major part of its output. Netflix has 41 sci-fi or fantasy shows currently in production or development, according to research firm Ampere Analysis.

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