Two young Nigerians, Obi Ozor and Ife Oyedele, are currently leveraging technology to transform the Nigerian logistics market. With this innovation, Obi and Ife aim at reducing the cost of logistics by 40%.

Kobo was established in 2016 and is creating an e-commerce hub for logistics market players in Nigeria.

“Haulage in Nigeria is a unique endeavour, plagued by lack of transparency in pricing, poor infrastructure and inefficient systems, especially when it comes to managing reverse logistics,” Ife Oyedele – Co-founder of Kobo noted.

With the launch of the KoboApp, the company is on the move to bridge the gap in logistics business in Nigeria by providing haulage operators with clients, and also ensuring timely delivery of consignments.

“We have made a decision to pivot the company’s focus to trucking in Nigeria and across Africa in the next few years.”

According to the founders, KoboAppuses a software to map out the most efficient trips and routes for fleets.

Logistics is a major challenge for most businesses in Nigeria, due to the poor transport system and inadequate road infrastructure.

The duo, Ife Oyedele and Obi Ozor, left the United States of America and returned to Nigeria to launch Kobo in 2016. With the goal of evolving the logistics market into a big e-commerce business.

With the use of technology, the duo seek to end the indiscriminate parking of heavy trucks on major roads in the country, especially at major ports of entry in Nigeria.