• Four of the few remaining
  • Now, there are fewer than 10 Blockbuster locations still open in the US.
  • Three of the handful of remaining Blockbuster locations are in Alaska, where long winters and slow WiFi help keep a couple of stores open.

Blockbuster isn't extinct quite yet — but it is getting closer.

While roughly a dozen Blockbusters remained open across the US in 2017, at least four have already closed this year.

If you drive through Alaska, Blockbuster's iconic blue-and-yellow signs may grab your eye.

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You can't miss the distinctive sign.

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This location in Anchorage is still open for business.

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And it appears the membership cards haven't changed at all.

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Inside, everything looks the same, with rows and rows of movies.

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On the plus side, Blockbuster is renting DVDs now, so you won't have to rewind the tapes before returning them.

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And yes, it has new releases ...

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... alongside some older options.

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Alaska's long, snowy winters make curling up to watch a video rental a tempting proposition.

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Until recently, there was even a Blockbuster in North Pole — a small city near Fairbanks, about 1,700 miles south of the geographic North Pole.

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The North Pole Blockbuster unfortunately closed in March.

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There is a dwindling handful of Blockbusters outside of Alaska.

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The Blockbuster in Edinburg, Texas, was apparently the last location in the state before it closed in January.

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There are a couple left in Washington.

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Still, these endangered Blockbusters can't stay open forever.

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So if you want to visit the video-rental chain before it goes extinct, you better start preparing for your road trip.

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