This saying from the founding father of the United States of America proves how important it is to stay hungry for knowledge, constantly looking for more.

This is why we have compiled this list of advice from Nigerian billionaires to help further your career.

Here are some great pieces of advice  that will help you excel:

Aliko Dangote

Africa's richest man believes in getting to work early and leaving late. This is according to sources close to the billionaire. According to one of them, "He always comes in early and leaves late. That has been his way for years now from when Dangote Group was small."

Femi Otedola

For this Nigerian businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and chairman of Forte Oil PLC, there is nothing wrong with competition.

He made this revelation in a 2016 appearance on a TV show about Africa's most successful entrepreneurs called Forbes Africa TV's flagship program "My Worst Day With Peace Hyde".

According to him, one of his mantra in life is "I do not have friends or enemies, only competitors".

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Tony Elumelu

This Nigerian economist has several principles for attaining success. One of them is learning to make sacrifices. In his words, "I don't know of many people who have succeeded in life that are not disciplined. You must have a rigorous way to doing things and be willing to make sacrifices".

Another one is to work hard to achieve your dreams. Elumelu says, "when you dream dreams, you have to work hard to actualise the dream. The ability to translate the idea to reality is important as it differentiates successful people from ones who are not. Some only read for entertainment but others read and put what they read into practice."

He adds, "decide who you want to be and work hard at it".

Lastly, he recommends mentorship noting that the mentorship of his former boss, Chief Ebitimi Banigo really helped him.

In Elumelu's words, "Chief Banigo helped me to develop my strategic thinking and insight and to channel my ideas into concrete action so that when the opportune moment arrived at the age of 34, I had the set belief to gather a small group together to take over and revive a failing bank through innovations in our services."

Mike Adenuga

One of the richest men in Nigeria believes in being target oriented, passionate and thinking things through.

"He is a very target-oriented manager. He is a manager who has a huge vision. He always thinks big. If you are hearing him for the first time, you would think this man is just joking. But he is not joking. Whatever he says, he is determined to achieve it," the former Chief Operating Officer of Globacom Mohammed Jameel revealed.

"He is very passionate about whatever you do with the business you do for the brand. Even things like branding the street, he gets into the details to get things right. And he doesn't take instant or spontaneous decisions. He has to think it across," he added.