Multichoice is said to be cutting down jobs as the pay TV company struggles to get the hold on stiff competition in the South African market and regulatory hurdles in Nigeria.

According to Business Lives, the company may cut up to 200 jobs in the shake-up process.

The company's spokesperson said the job cut is necessary to have a “learner and remain globally competitive”.

Multichoice is having a tough time with Netflix and others

In July 2018, the African cable TV asked the South African government to ensure level playing field among pay TV operators to compete with over-the-top players.

Calvo Mawela, CEO of MultiChoice South Africa at Naspers Limited explained that Netflix is enjoying an undue advantage in the region.

Mawela admitted that viewers' habits had changed, with people wanting to watch more content online. He said the company is exploring the possibility of offering a streaming-only package in direct battle with Netflix.

Multichoice loses 41,000 subscribers, revenue down

Also, in its financial result for the year ended March 31, 2018, the company's revenue dropped drastically over the loss of high-end subscribers.

It lost 41,000 high-end subscribers who use its premium offer last year owing to threats posed by Netflix and Amazon, the online streaming giants.

Regulatory hurdles on subscription rates

In Nigeria, Multichoice is also facing consumers' hard stick on the recently increased subscription rates.

The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) sued the company for violating the agreement it reached with the Nigerian government after an initial price hike in 2015.

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