When there's drinking involved, your bad habits tend to be amplified.

If you have any sympathy for your bartender, you'd make an effort to do better.

To help you out, we asked bartenders everywhere to share the, and more than 30 were happy to chime in.

Here are 19 things you may not have even known you were doing wrong this whole time.

Clicking or snapping your fingers at them

"Say excuse me, politely putting your hand up without waving it in the air. Just wait your turn. We see you, I promise. Never snap your fingers."

Yelling at bartenders to get a drink made right away

Waving to get the bartender's attention

For that matter, any obnoxious attempt to get their attention

Unless it's kid-friendly, bringing your baby into a bar

Asking for 'whatever' and not meaning it

Expecting free drinks

Using a credit card to pay for a single drink

Closing your tab every time you order something

Not ordering everything at once

Hitting on your bartender

Using your cell phone while ordering


Spreading your germs

It's dirty enough as it is.

Asking, 'What beer do you have?'

"Most of the places I've worked ins more than 10 drafts, bottles, and cans of beer."

Treating your bartender like a robot

Asking for a charge

"No, I will not charge your phone!"

Not knowing where you are

Asking for that one drink you had that one time that you don't remember the name of

"Don't say, 'U

Not tipping well