The World Bank Group just released its Ease of Doing Business 2018, and some African countries held sways as regards better business environment in the world.

According to the report, New Zealand, Singapore and Denmark were ranked first, second and third best countries respectively for doing business across the globe.

The best business environment in Africa is Mauritius which IS ranked 25th in the world.

In Africa, Malawi, Nigeria and Zambia were  countries with the highest number of reforms undertaken to create a better business climate in their respective countries.

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With many reforms and other issues, the following are top 10 countries with the most business-enabling environment in Africa.

1.    Mauritius (25th in the world)

2.    Rwanda  (41)

3.    Kenya (80)

4.    Botswana (81)

5.    South Africa (82)

6.    Zambia (85)

7.    Seychelles (95)

8.    Lesotho (104)

9.    Namibia (106)

10.  Malawi (110)

Mauritius has one of the least cumbersome business regulations in the world. Nigeria is not among the top 10 countries in Africa, however, various reforms initiated have started yielding expected results.

Nigeria was ranked the 6th best country for getting credit for your business in the world.

For the worst business locations in the continent, Somalia (190) top the list followed by Eritrea (189), South Sudan (187), and the Central African Republic (184).

All of These countries are conflict-ridden at the moment, thus leading to the destruction of major infrastructural facilities in the country.