Techno Oil, the makers of TechnoGas LPG cylinders has assured Nigerians of its commitment to manufacturing high-quality and safe cooking gas cylinders to homes across the country.

Executive Vice President of Techno Oil, Nkechi Obi gave the assurance on Monday while reacting to the interception of substandard gas cylinders by the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) recently.

Mrs Obi stated that TechnoGas will not compromise on its effort to ensure that Nigerians have access to safer cooking methods. 

Executive Vice President of Techno Oil, Nkechi Obi. (TechnoOil)
Executive Vice President of Techno Oil, Nkechi Obi. (TechnoOil)

She disclosed that TechnoGas manufactures a variety of cooking gas cylinders made for use as camping gas which can then be fitted with burners for home use. 

Our products are made in line with the guidelines of the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and other global quality bodies. We designed our 3 kg and 6.25 kg cylinders in ways that guarantee long term usage without any safety issues.”

Obi noted that since the TechnoGas LPG plant started manufacturing cylinders to homes all over the country, there has been no report of incidence with the products.

That is to tell you how serious we take safety issues here. Our engineers are working every day to even better the output of our manufacturing plant.

Furthermore, Nkechi Obi said that the TechnoGas will continue to push towards getting the majority of Nigerian households to adopt LPG cooking gas through its Cook Safe initiative. Presently, TechnoGas has reached over 1 million households in Nigeria.

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