People can now access wi-fi and broadband connections.

When the internet shutdown happened, authorities defended their action saying it was being used to stir up ethnic violence.

This is the longest internet shutdown Ethiopia has experienced since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power in April 2018.

The authorities said that misunderstanding ensued when young people from the Oromia region insisted on diverting a procession escorting Hachalu's body from Addis Ababa to his hometown of Ambo for burial.


The young people from the Oromia region wanted him to be buried in the capital.

This led to clashes causing the death of over 200 people, including some security officers. At least 5,000 people were arrested.

Several items were destroyed in the areas where the violence took place. The ethnic-based attacks were brutal and horrific, according to a report by the Mail and Guardian.